One Screen Saver Back From Dead

remixed by fmasroor
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Notes and Credits (added by fmasroor)

Back from the dead. Modified version of Virus. No diagonal start, less intense colors, and a costume change. The feature after 2 times is still there, and so is the timeless music.

Behold! Everything works! Everything! Up and side lines, jail bars, c to clear, spiral and sin, sincos and cossin and tan(cos)blabla, the special feature, EVERYTHING WORKS! WOWMAH GOD!
Only faulty thing? The special feature is a bit slow. But it works!

Thank you all for the comments! Keep them going and please tell your friends.

This is a very nice remake of this project by the_programmer, check it out.

Featured??? Nope. Wait. Really? Oh I am! No, maybe not. Wait. P2S Said so. Really? Nope. Wait, yes! No. I sure hope so. ... It is! No. Wait. It is! Thank you everyone everywhere! I'M FEATURED!!!!!!! Monday, March 22, 2010.


LS97:'i still cant find the special feature it goes on an on then restarts and goes on and on'. To get to the special feature, wait 2 minutes, not on turbo speed, as it does the procedure twice. When it is done with that, then the special feature begins. All to make sure I use all of the music.

shadow_7283:'Though you say "one screensaver back from the dead". Shouldn't it be more like twenty? :)'The one in the name means "One sprite One script", and the really cool thing, One costume. Just download it and see. It shouldn't take long.

Paddle2See:'Do you know who did the music? It would be great if you could give them credit :)', shockwave seemed to have answered:'lol it is the "Beginning of Time" by DJ natPr', and I had to say yes, because it sounded right. Markparky said:'The music is The beginning of time.'. Some good answers.

EDIT: Beginning of Time by dj Nate on newgrounds.

moocow98:'wow!!!!!!!!!!!! wait r there controls? what r they' Yes. The only controls so far are the c to clear. It was present in the last few one of these.

Okay, okay. The name says it's a screen saver, so how can I make it a screen saver on my computer? I really don't know. If someone actually made this as a screen saver, please tell me how so I can answer all your questions.

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