Platform rush v1.4

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READ THIS: I know it's like doodle jump (I was trying to make this type of game)!

Just made this while scratch was down... anyways use left and right keys or a and d keys to move commander Zed.Bounce on the orange,blue,and red platforms.You can teleport from one side to the other. enjoy! :)

You get points for bouncing on platforms, they are color coded:
20 points for bouncing on a orange platform
60 points for bouncing on a blue platform
120 points for bouncing on a red platform
5000 points for bouncing on a green platform

Notes and Credits

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Guys, no more advertising this is getting ridiculous...

12/14/2015 OMG: FIRST FEATURED!!!!!!!! I just got back from universal studios!

12/15/2015 Update: Achievements! Bugs fixed!

12/16/2015 Update: Menu bugs Fixed! Added Achievement names! More splash-screen messages New Achievement! Green platforms!

12/16/2015 Update:Houston achievement spelling corrected! Green platform bug fixed!

12/22/2015 After all those comments on Zed's controls being to fast I made him easier to control

2/4/2016 Sorry guys! Made the song "clean" if you know what I mean...
Also, again I know it's like doodle jump (I was trying to make this type of game)... ...Sooo don't h8 m8!

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