Platform rush v2.0 (Major Update!!!)

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MAJOR UPDATE!!! (I know it has been a long time!)

Get psyched guys & gals! A update has been made. Some sprite overhauls and beautification changes were made. The game is tad bit more challenging now with the platform spawn changes. Hope you enjoy! God Bless!!! ;) -Gen. Radpeaz

DISCLAIMER: I know it's like doodle jump! So stop saying it's like doodle jump. (I was trying to make this type of game, so don't ask me why the Scratch team decided to feature this.)

I made this offline for fun while scratch was down...

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Featured on the front page on 2/14/2015, and on the page! (don't know the date tho)

(IDK why there's gravity in space :/ )

----------------------------[INSTRUCTIONS & INFO]---------------------------------
Use the left and right keys (or a and d keys) to move commander Zed left or right. Bounce on the orange, blue, red, or rare green platforms to travel further into space!

You can teleport from one side to the other by touching the side on the screen.

You get points for bouncing on platforms, they are color coded:
20 points for bouncing on a orange platform
60 points for bouncing on a blue platform
120 points for bouncing on a red platform
5000 points for bouncing on a green platform

Notes and Credits

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Guys, no more advertising this is getting ridiculous...

12/14/2015 YEE GADS: FIRST FEATURED!!!!!!!! I just got back from universal studios!


12/15/2015 Update: Achievements! Bugs fixed!

12/16/2015 Update: Menu bugs Fixed! Added Achievement names! More splash-screen messages New Achievement! Green platforms!

12/16/2015 Update:Houston achievement spelling corrected! Green platform bug fixed!

12/22/2015 After all those comments on Zed's controls being to twitchy, I toned down the sensitivity.

2/4/2016 Sorry guys! Made the song "clean" if you know what I mean...

8/28/2017 Just found out that this game is on the front page on How is this even possible?

6/2/2018: It's been a long while, but today I randomly decided to clean up the UI (User Interface), just because ;). (Oh and turned down the game volume because it was too loud. Sorry about that!)

6/5/2018: Wow I'm on a streak! I added over 40 new splash screen texts to the main menu. (Mostly pop-culture references, and friend recommendations). Plus I reworked the platform spawning engine, and added graphical eye-candy. (Space never looked so beautiful!!!) Plus achievements now state the requirements for them!

6/6/2018: Added more planets to fill up the empty "space". Oh and say hello to the friendly spaceships that flyby.

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