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Undertale Music Player!

0- Spider Dance
1- Megalovania
2- Bonetrousle
3- Death By Glamour
4- Salage
5- Reunited
6- Once Upon A Time
7- Fallen Down
8- Spear Of Justice
9- Spookwave
space key- Spooktune
T key- Temmie Village
H key- HeartacheReWav (This is a remix of Heartache, but I liked it enough to add it)
G key- Toriel
S key- Temshop
B key- His Theme
M key- Memory
E key- Ghost Fight
K key- Bergentrukung
I key- Gaster's Theme
Up Arrow key- Metal Crusher
Down Arrow key- Hopes and Dreams
Left Arrow key- Dummy
Right Arrow key- Dogsong
A key- Bring it on guys!
C key- Song that might play when you battle Sans
D key- Dating Start
W key- Wrong Enemy
O key- Battle Against a True Hero
F key- Your Best nightmare
J key- Its raining somewhere else
P key- Undertale
N key- Dark Darker Yet Darker (Unofficial Gaster Battle Theme)

Notes and Credits

Credit to the makers of Undertale.

I will add more as I find the songs.

Volume is added! Press the blue circle with the plus to turn volume up! And red circle with minus to turn it down. Pretty self explanatory.

uh credits to toby and temmie and people

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