Holiday Card Tag

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❄ Welcome to the Holiday Card Tag! ❄
Create holiday cards and/or gifts for other Scratchers!

❄ Basic Instructions: ❄
1. Remix this project (or the project of the person who tagged you)
2. Add your username on the first slide (this will be the thumbnail)
3. Delete all the sprites/costumes labeled "DELETE"
4. Create your cards/gifts on the slides after the instructions
5. Optional: choose new music (see link below)
6. Save your project on the first slide and share it!
7. Tag other Scratchers! (Let them know on their profile!)

More Christmas music:
(by @ClareBear202)

❆ I tag: ❆
Anyone who wants to do it!

Notes and Credits

❄ Note ❄ You can still make cards for other holidays too, even if it's not winter time! ^u^

All art, coding, and instructions by me
Music: All I Want for Christmas is You - Music Box (from @Aasterisk)
Font (on thumbnail): Walter Turncoat (uploaded by @FontGod)

❄ In this project: ❄
Free Christmas Cards (by @xVanyx):

Fonts (uploaded by @FontGod)

Scratch Sprites (from Scratch Library)

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