Music Box Composer v2

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With this tool, create up to 5 on-screen pages of your own custom 'music box' sheet music! *USE TURBO MODE* Click to place notes.

>>In addition to the on-screen buttons, there are also numerous keyboard tricks:
K + hold = make note sharp
U = undo the last note on current page
S = get codes (highlight part, ctrl a, ctral c, ctrl v in a comment)
X = hide codes
L = load codes

>>[keys 1 - 9] = load preset pieces (excerpts)
-1 = Pachelbel's Canon
-2 = Mario Land's Birabuto Kingdom
-3 = Mozart Sonata K545
-4 = Funeral March of a Marionette
-5 = More Pachelbel
-6 = From Piano Tiles!

>>You can comment your codes in the comment section below, just make sure they end with an E.

Notes and Credits

PS this project was featured like January 2016. I accidentally deleted the day from the description cause I'm stupid sometimes

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