MD: Textbox API

remixed by chooper100
See inside

Use them as if they were normal textboxes :D

Mouse to select text / position cursor
Tab to move to the next textbox
Hold shift for capital letters
Backspace / delete to delete letters

Notes and Credits (added by chooper100)

I might make a series of these :D

Note: The year of birth field is a rough prediction of which year you were born in, based on your age.

Huge thanks to @griffpatch for his amazing pen text engine using the Hershey Vector Font:

I think I came up with a pretty good match for the spec this time. What do you think?

Material Design Specification link:

▶️ Better keyboard repeat system
▶️ Delete key deletes characters in front of the cursor (not behind)
▶️ Text overflow handling

By the way, the key detection for tab and shift uses hacked blocks, and could glitch out on certain browsers :/

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