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Well hello there! It looks to me like you've ended up here, at RETRY! This game is completely made of pen! In this game you can flip around and do tricks and stunts! It's based off of a popular iPhone game called RETRY. I would recommend looking at videos of that before you play this just to get an idea in your head on what to do. I warn you, it's very hard!

Thank you for the top-love! 12K views in less than a week! That's amazing!

You are the orange plane. The gray lines behind you are just a vapor trail, not part of you. Press space or click to propel your plane forward. I recommend clicking. When you click, it also rotates your plane counterclockwise, so you don't want to click too much! You have to let go of the space key/mouse between clicks. No super rapid clicking! You want to avoid the green walls, but every so often a brown runway will appear and that is a checkpoint. That is safe to land/crash on. If you save it, the next time you die you will only go back to there. Which brings me to the next point, when you are flying you will see coins. You start off with zero, but you can collect them along the way. You don't have to collect every coin! The number of coins you have is displayed in the bottom right corner. Coins are used to save checkpoints, the cost being one coin per checkpoint. Every time you land on a checkpoint, your coin saves into your bank. You don't have to buy the checkpoint for the coin to save. However, if you die before you get to the next checkpoint you lose the coin and you can try to get it again. You don't have to buy or land on EVERY checkpoint! The pink is the final destination, if you touch it you win! Press M to mute/unmute the music. It's pretty straight forward from there! Tell me if I'm missing anything! Have fun!

- Flip over backwards if you are heading toward a wall. This could give you some room to straighten yourself out.
- Always land at checkpoints, just to save your coins. You don't have to buy them.

100% pen and 100% by me #massivescripts

My best stats for one game are: 54 seconds, 0 crashes, 6 checkpoints bought, 6 coins banked, and 67 clicks! Can you beat me?

This took almost a week to make, about 14 hours.


Sounds off of youtube

Song from official RETRY game

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