Paper Wario

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Notes and Credits (added by Kalininrussia1)

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This is WAY faster when downloaded and seen in presentation mode.

Arrow keys to move
Space to jump and go through speech (during the intro, i.e. when the Mushroom headed guy comes in and tells you the story)
Click play to start

Basically using dynamic sprite creation with scrolling. This has only one sprite for all of the scrolling. This has no storyline, yet. But the toad guard at the beginning tells you what the plot is going to be.

Storyline (How I'm gonna make it in the full)

This takes place in Toad Town (or rather Toadville) after Mario leaves for Rogueport. Wario is visiting other areas, trying to collect mad amounts of gold coins. He is pondering for a sec, and a Toad Guard walks up to him and asks Wario to help the Mushroom Kingdom, by collecting the four music boxes to defeat Bowser (music boxes... don't that remind you of Wario Land 3? And yeah, the title music is Robotnik's theme from Sonic and Knuckles) Yeah.... the doppleghost sprite is going to be along with the other 3 bosses, holding a music box.

Credit to Dark Diety from for the Paper Wario
The toad guard and the doppleghost I don't know where from but I'm giving credit for using them.
I got the in-game music (the town music that is) from sausagestands SuperStar Saga demo.

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