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Plexagon is a connect-the-dot puzzle game. It's a lot like the mobile game Flow, but is hexagonal. If you can play that, the instructions are pretty much the same (except you can only start from one end).

If you don't want to just do 5x5 levels, click Jump for more options. Total of 100 (+5) levels.

Some basic instructions: connect all the dots and fill up the board. Start from a dot on the screen and drag a path toward the dot that has the same color. You win when you completely fill the board with paths and when all the dots are connected.

On the menu, hit Start to play from level 1, but if you want to start from a different difficulty, hit Jump to toggle all the options. Expert stages include 13x13 to 17x17. Blind Expert stages are extremely hard stages which only show one color at a time.

Notes and Credits

1/1/2016: Added a world counter for how many levels you guys have all solved in total.

MUST READ: The computer will begin to lag on some of the larger levels. Also, it's normal if the mouse isn't responding when you release your mouse. Just wait a bit and it will be back to normal. This is a problem within Scratch itself that I can't fix.

All pen, 100% me

This was the most exhausting programming I've ever done. About half of it is just all algorithms.
Based on the game Flow
Modified @Oranium's text engine
Got music from Smash Hit levels 9-10
First thumbnail I did on Photoshop (which doesn't look good either)

Sorry if it lags. It has lots of scripting in it

In the future I may or may not expand this to a larger game.

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