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Update Dec 5 2017: A new, fourth sample song has been added!

- Slight change to the import feature. Previously it would refuse to load the song if the code appeared corrupt, but now you can force it to load anyway. Hopefully this'll make the import/export process less headache-inducing.
- Pressing the green flag no longer clears the song data, due to the risk of accidentally deleting your work. Instead, press the 9 key on your keyboard to clear everything.
- The volume is no longer painfully loud!
- The slight pause that occured when the playhead moves to another page should now be gone entirely, or at least reduced.


Featured! Thank you all so much! To celebrate, here are answers to some questions you may have:

Q: How do I do <x>?
A: Click the "help" button. It will probably be explained there.

Q: Can you erase notes?
A: Yes, use the eraser tool (the blue icon in the bottom-left corner).

Q: Can I export as .WAV or .MP3?
A: No, that's impossible to program in Scratch. Your best bet is to use a program that can directly record the audio coming from your computer, like Audacity.

Q: Can I use songs I've made in my own project?
A: Yes! Absolutely! It would be cool if you linked back to this project, but you don't have to.

Q: Can I use one of the example songs in my own project?
A: Yes! Although, if that's the case I'd really like it if you gave credit.

Q: Did you write the example songs yourself?
A: Yes. I tried to keep them simple, like how they would be on an actual NES.

Q: Sample song 2 sounds like Ghostbusters.
A: You're right, it kinda does. I should probably change that... hmm..... nahh..............

Q: I just made an awesome song, how do I share it?
A: Click the "Get Code" button and follow the directions. This will generate a .txt file. Unfortunately, these are too long to post in the comments, so put them on a website that allows you to upload text, such as textuploader.com. Then, post the link in the comments. (If your code is too long for that website, you may need to find something else.)

Q: How do I import a code I found online?
A: Copy the code, paste it into a .txt file, save it. Then click the "Import Code" button and follow the instructions. Just be careful: if you copy too much or don't copy the entire thing, it won't work.

Q: Can you cover Megalovania?
A: Legend has it, if you type "sans" after you press the "sample songs" button, a secret song will load.......

Notes and Credits

So, this is the first original project I've made in over four years. Wow... time flies.

Anyway, welcome to 8-Bit Music Maker! This project allows you to easily create songs that sound fairly authentic to music on Nintendo's NES console, using the same waveforms that give the system its iconic sound. Includes 4 original example songs, too!

Development of this project took a little over two weeks. I ran into some issues with the sound - namely, when I imported the samples into Scratch 2.0, they sounded muddy and unpleasant. However, when I imported them into Scratch 1.4, they sounded fine! So, I loaded the samples into a sprite in Scratch 1.4 and loaded that into 2.0, and the sound quality was way better! Who would've thought that would work.

You'll need to activate turbo mode, otherwise the tempo will be way off.

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