Firearm Frenzy (Pen)

by Noroz
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Welcome to Firearm Frenzy! You are an undercover agent in enemy territory. You are tipped off that your cover has been blown. It is the middle of the night, but you can see enemy operatives coming toward you. Suddenly, they want to play a game with you. They want to see if you can hit clay pigeons. Use the circle that follows your mouse to shoot the white clay pigeons going across the screen. Each hit gives you two points, and every time a clay pigeon hits the other side of the screen, you lose a point. Every mission, the points are reset. At the end of each mission, you must have positive points to move on. You don't lose if you have zero or negative points. There will be one pigeon for mission one, two pigeons for mission two, and so on. See how far you can get! Have fun!

Notes and Credits

100% Pen, 100% Me :D

If it is too laggy, this is great:

Music by Sounda off of Youtube.

Gunshot sound off of Youtube.

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