DIY Raptor

by Theah
See inside

- Click your raptor to change the species
- Click your raptor's feathers to change their color
- Click the buttons to add/change extras
- Click youir raptor's eyes to change their color
- Click the gender button to change wheither the raptor's a guy or a girl (GLITCH: click the raptor's feathers AFTER changing gender to change them... Sorry about that, peoples... >.> )

Notes and Credits

*UPDATE* (10/3/10)

Long story short; I made this for a fantasy comic/RP thing a while back, but am not going to be on at all, so I can't change/reply to anything. Hope you people have fun with it, though! :D

Have fun! XD (I'll update with more options sometime later... Right now I need to post this...)

Special thanks to glassdragon for thinking that a make-ur-own-raptor Project would be a good idea! :D

(W00T! XD Featured; 2/22/10! Thanks, Scratch Team!)


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