Rᴀɢᴇ Qᴜɪᴛ 1.1

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Notes and Credits

Rᴀɢᴇ Qᴜɪᴛ, a game by @TheMachinumps

NOTE: The score doesn't tell you how long you have been playing for, but rather how many circles (enemies) have gone over the top or under the bottom of the screen (depending on where they started).

Heyyy, a non 100% pen game by me! What a surprise =D
It's not 100% pen, but it uses it... ;)

OBJECTIVE - Get the highest score possible!

(Personal best: 193)

Fun fact: I actually started making this project 1-2 years ago, but gave up because it was looking bad and just trashed the project. Recently, I was just checking some of my old projects, and decided to look at the trashed projects, and saw this. I looked at it, played a little bit, and finished the game (the graphics were completely different)

Artwork - @TheMachinumps (made with Inkscape)
Font - MotorBlock
Script - @TheMachinumps
SFX - @TheMachinumps (made with BFXR.net)
Music - EH!DE - Ehide's Moustache [game]
- Thompson (aka Motive) - Stay high [intro]

UPDATE 1.1 - Fixed a bug. Good luck getting the high-score now, @DarkLava ;) (also, I set the high-score back to 477)

I hope you enjoy this small game =)

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