Boston Tea Party

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Curated 6/26/10! Thanks, KalinaStar!

My newest project:

Here is the 3D island:

The Rayquaza Game Demo:

By the way, I know the movement's pretty slow, but that's necessary for the wall sensors to move right because of the type of programming I used for that. Sorry!

An RPG game simulating the Boston Tea Party, made for one of my projects in school.

PLEASE comment and tell me what I need to work on.

Downloading is VERY HIGHLY recommended.

If you get stuck, just click on Samuel Adams and talk to him.

Since people have been having trouble, here's a walkthrough:

Hold P and Q at the same time 4 times to get through the story and stuff
Watch the short cutscene and then click on Samuel Adams (ONCE!)
Type your name and listen to the instructions. (This game does not distinguish gender, so it uses the word “lad” a lot.)
Go out of the meeting house and into the third brown house on the top.
Click on the beads to obtain them.
Go into the second green house on the left and out the other door.
Collect the moccasins, and then go back the way you came.
Go through the third green house on the left. Be careful not to touch the soldier!
Go into the first brown house through the top entrance and get the headdress.
Go up through the opening in the woods and through the labyrinth.
Open the chest and click on the war paint to get the war paint (while touching it with your arm).
Talk to (click on) the Indian.
Say yes.
Talk to him again to get the buckskins.
Go back to Samuel Adams and talk to him.
Press I to switch on your costume.
Again, go out of the cluster of houses through the left. Go up to the other British soldier and walk past him.
Go across the bridge to get on the small boat.
Press DOWN ARROW to actually get on it.
Drive the boat to a place you can access easily.
Go back and talk to Samuel Adams.
Go back to the boat and drive it to the tea ship.
Start searching for crates to push into the water!

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