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Scratch All Star Food Fight
Finally a new project after four months.
Arrow keys to move Space to throw fruits.
Goal is reach 10 score before cpu to reaching it.
Beat the robots with your favorite Scratcher.
Play in full screen for best quality.
Have fun :D

Notes and Credits

Title screen by me
Backgrounds by me
Maxy, @OmnipotentPotato, @Catosaurus sprites by me
@Pickledorf sprites by 50% @Pickledorf 50% by me
TheGeneraless sprites by 80% @TheGeneraless 20% by me
Main Menu : Chuck Rock SEGA game part 1
Coconut Island Music : Adventure Land Music
Western Station Music : Gex 3 Western Station Music
Scratchsylvania Music : Gex 3 Boss Theme Music
- @TheMaxyMonkey
- @Catosaurus
- @OmnipotentPotato
- @TheGeneraless [ We will miss you ]
- @Pickledorf
Credits to @TheGeneraless for his/her sprite design. @Pickledorf for his sprite design and all of the players. Loading screens not by me. Coconut Island by Jungle concept arts, Western Station by Western Town concept arts, Scratchsylvania by Halloween concept arts. Based of Sanjay and Craig Jungle Safari Food Fight game.
Robot design by Looney Tunes Acme Arsenal and Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko

©2014, TheMaxyMonkey
TM&© 2008 Monkey Family Entertaiment INC.

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