Super Mario Bros. SCRATCHED Beta v0.2

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Notes and Credits

Download and play in presentation mode for best results.


Use the left and right arrows to move. Press up to jump and down to crouch (while on the ground). Feel free to submit your scores and don't forget to press love-it!

Most of the glitches are just because of lag. Sometimes, when you jump on a goomba, it will kill you if you're playing on a slow computer.
There's also a glitch when Mario gets too deep in the ground and he gets dragged to the left or is stuck. Just jump to fix that problem.
Lastly, there's recently been a glitch with the layers system, so if a power-up is showing through the ?block or if there's supposed to be a power-up showing but it doesn't show, then it's glitched.

What's New:
I got rid of the goomba sensors and moved the hit sensors for Mario slightly away from him hopefully to reduce glitches.
I also added a power-up system, more coins and a ranking system.

What I'll try to add next version:
I'm still trying to figure out parallax scrolling with only 2 sprites, so that might take a while.
Also, I am thinking of implementing parts of RHY3756547's Perfect Platformer Base engine in my game.
I haven't added the extra warp pipe area yet, but I'll get around to adding that.


Credit to Lucario621 for the level designer.

Disclaimer: Super Mario Bros. is owned by Nintendo.

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