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Notes and Credits (added by The-Whiz)


(01-24) The-Whiz made a major update. Instead of using a / for a space, you now use an actual space. I went through the whole Internet list and shanged them all. I also added variable support for links and buttons. The link format is .
Now the variables format in links is %link type;label of variable%. The only type supported right now is checkboxes. For example, %checkbox;check1%.

If you need to see it, look at the sww.vartest.com website in the Internet list.

(01-24) MathWizz started the variable suppport.

(01-24) The-Whiz made an update with the URL bar. Clicking outside of the main menu bar makes the URL bar lose focus and not be able to type in. Clicking back on the main menu bar results in you being able to type in the URL bar again. This will be neccesary for the text box, coming in later versions.

NOTE: I've deleted the 0. at the beginning of the version number. It looks better than 0.3.11. After all, it is Mac OS X 10.6, not Mac OS X 0.10.6.

NOTE 2: Only change the first number if a very major update is made, such as textboxes, variables, etc. The version after this will be 3.12, unless a major update is made, then it will be 4.0.

(01-23) MathWizz fixed some glitches, combined the loading sprite with the cover sprite and imported his faster button.

(01-23)fg123 updated his page and removed Rhy from the list until further notice. Changed the load bar. Can anyone take a look at the history problem, when I click history when a page is loading, it get's a bit messed up...

(01-23) The-Whiz fixed the fonts on the history and favorites bars. To open an item in the history or favorites bars, select the item and click the go button in the main menu bar. Fixed a glitch with circles. Updated my blog.

(01-17) Shadow_7283 added a finished (almost) history feature. It is pretty much glitch free but... I can't make it so that when you click on a link listed TWICE, it takes you to it! Please help SWC team!

(01-16) MathWizz shortend scripts and added some funtions.
-The button is now faster.
-Drawing a circle is faster but is a bit different than before
-You don't have to use a "/" for space in the text, link or button anymore
-You can now change the background color by typing BG;hue;shade (This command is optional.)

(01-15) Shadow_7283 improved the link feature...

(01-01) The-Whiz added more to several different websites. Fixed a bug with shapes.

(01-01) ThePCKid added a blog to his website

(01-01) The-Whiz put shadow_7283's updates into v0.2.8.1 and made v0.3.

(12-31) Shadow_7283 updated the history feature.

(12-31) The-Whiz added MathWizz's triangle filler.

(12-31) The-Whiz implemented shadow_7283's Shapes function. Added more stuff to websites.

(12-31) The-Whiz made another couple of updates:
1. Some websites weren't loading
2. Added more websites
3. Displayed website wasn't changing when an item on the history bar was clicked

MathWizz: The history bar needs work...

(12-31) MathWizz added a History bar.

(12-31)ThePCKid updated the Scratch website, updated his website, added my HTScript Math, and made a new website

(12-30) The-Whiz made a couple of minor updates:
1. Remnants from older websites were being left on the webpage
2. Web Wizard icon hides after 5 seconds

(12-30) ThePCKid updated his website and updated the Scratch website

(12-30) The-Whiz added button links. Buttons now lead to a different website.

(12-30) The-Whiz added more websites. Click the small arrow in the corner of the top box to contract or expand the box.

(12-30) The-Whiz added a better links funtion. Clicking on a link now results in going to a different website.

(12-29) PCKid changed the Scratch home page and I changed a page too and made a tiny bug fix.

(12-29) shadow_7283 fixed the home button feature (mouse over the textbox) and made some other minor adjustments


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