Scratch Virtual Machine Draft

by mrf777
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This is a programing language that is very fast, and is ment to be used to let user be able to program inside a scratch project.

do not use a broadcast that has the same exact name as a command, as it will fire that command!

Notes and Credits

The language is made in a very simple way, it uses the "broadcast (var)" block to make every command easy to implement. You can even make your own commands!

I came up with the idea for making a language that was very fast and had similar power of assembly code. After looking into languages on scratch, i realized that most were very limited and could only do specific things. So I decided to make a language that has more that one use. I attempted to make a language about 4 times, then took a long break(like a month), and i relized I can take advantege of the broadcast system to have an insane amount of commands at a fast speed, and that is how i came up with this programing language in around a week.

Inspired by: all programing languages in scratch.

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