A platformer

See inside

Instructions are in-game. Touch the right side for next level!
All levels are possible, I did them!
I might make a story mode!
this is a work-in-progress!!! I will be adding more. Expect at least 20 levels eventually.
Currently (14) levels
starting from 6th level they will get really confusing
>: )
Press r to restart the level!
Please report bugs in the comments!

Known Bugs
the text isn't always working

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Notes and Credits

So: one day I'm just like: "I wanna make a platformer!" And that's what I did. What did I create? This very project. Click the green flag... to release the FURY!!! (Okay, that was a little too much...) =D=D
HUGE credit for griffpatch: platformer tutorial! Text engine by @Hoglommonom

94 views thank you so much!!! Most ever on a non-front paged project (including SDS).

spam = report
irrelevant = report
advertising irrelevant game = report
F4F request = report
asking about my identity = report
talking about tacos = no report!
testing scratch emoji = no report!

News: Do not read this

fun fax
Going from level 7 to level 8, I changed the color of the lava

the color of the square in the thumbnail is different from the player

the easter egg released in 0.4.1 did not work until update 0.7.1-0.8

prior to the release of 0.8, i spelled "too" "to". Grammar grammar grammar

for testing purpouses, i can skip levels. When I do that during the thumbnail, the game glitches and even if I'm on level 11, it shows the level 1 easter egg
|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||v 0.1: initial release
v 0.2: 6th lvl, added easter egg
v 0.3: 7th lvl
v 0.3.1: text engine added, it does not belong to me
v 0.3.2: More easter egg!
v 0.4: Now no longer a preview, though nothing changed.
v0 .4.1: more easter egg.
v 0.5: 8th level. more trickery: MWA HA HA
v 0.6: 9th level! hard... ; changed description
v 0.6.1: removed update (it actually never existed!)
v 0.7: added 10th level, it may just be the hardest platform level without wall-jump! it took me 80+ attempts to do!
v 0.7.1: made 10th level harder >:D
v 0.8: added thumbnail
v 0.9: changed settings and keys
v 0.10: 11th level, victory page. get ready for the big update 1.0!!!
v 0.11: 12th level
v 1.0: BOSS BATTLE! you've been waiting forever...
v 1.0.1: fixed the boss bug when lasers didn't hide

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