Car Chase 3D

remixed by chooper100
See inside

Move forwards: up arrow / w
Move backwards: down arrow / s
Move left: left arrow / a
Move right: right arrow / d

Full Screen + Sound :D

Notes and Credits (added by chooper100)

ᕼOᗯ TO ᑭᒪᗩY:
▶️ You have a 5 second head start from as soon as the project starts to get away from the police cars.
▶️ After that, you must make sure not to touch any police cars.
▶️ Don't run out of fuel. You can pick up red fuel tanks to fill up. There will be a sound when a new fuel tank appears.
▶️ A new police car will appear every 30 seconds.

Original project and engine:

Help with some of the scripts:

Font: Bebas Neue (normal and bold variations)
Fuel Can:

Police Siren:
Car engine:
Fuel filled:
Fuel appeared:

The Bourne Identity Police Chase Music

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