Orbital Shift v1.5

remixed by frazzz
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Notes and Credits (added by frazzz)

frazzz's notes of awesomer

I've added a new battle, this one as FT (PlayingWithFire) said, is more unique. BTW shoot the eye for damage...

ok i couldn't do much work as i really have to work on SB: devastation. i edited the last alien fight to make it more difficult, i established contact with coms and i gave the character a new weapon. i also made the music sound cooler. the new weapon does double damage but the aliens will do
A. more damage
B: more difficult things to get them off (think about not using keys)

~~~~~frazzz's note~~~~~~

info in the email FT, I can't do all the work!

---------frazzz's notes-------

-Boss made easier(even easier now)
-boss coloured
-gliches fixed

--------FT's notes---------

ok the boss fight is done, if it is too hard LET ME KNOW! i have alot of other stuff i need to get done so I had to do it quickly. believe me i toned it down ALOT from when i first made it. after the boss he needs to get into the control room and establish contact with COMS. i would make it so that there are tons of aliens in there and you have to fight them all off. lets do this!

--------frazzz's notes---------

Level 1 almost done. All that's left is the boss! Any dg member working on this can do that...Its gotta be really hard to kill, and unexpected and scary. This is a horror game...

--------frazzz's notes---------

Yeah I did a bit more, i put it so it automaticly skips the intro...But if you wanna see the intro download it and set the very top variable to 0...

What I did:
- Added another (harder) battle and some more stuff...

--------frazzz's notes---------

What I did:

-Added some action to the game....
-Added auto save system, skipping what you've already seen/played
-Added a light in the dark hallway...
-Changed the background in the first room
-Made the dot on sprite 10 bigger....
-Added a health system(although you can't die yet.
-Changed a few fonts...
-Make it so you can walk backwards in the dark hallway...

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