Top Down 3D City Experiment v1.8

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Use the cursor keys to drive the car around the 3d city (Two control schemes are provided:

Controls 1 - Move in direction of arrow pressed
Controls 2 - Up/Down to drive, Left/Right to steer.

I've just added some other cars, and now you can collide a bit! They can take any paths they like (and they drive on the left side of the road - I am from the UK you know)

I've seen a number of projects that use the cloning technique to create the illusion of 3d, but it occurred to me a few days back that there was no reason this couldn't be done with perspective to give a really nice top down city scape effect (As it turns out I wasn't the first to make use of this technique. See:

@Kameleon2's -
@WO997's -

I drew the city costumes as a number of layers, each exist as a costume in the city sprite. The 3d perspective is achieved by cloning the city sprite a number of times, and each time setting the size to me multiplied by a small factor. When the player moves around, the layers (clones) are moved relative to their size (so the buildings closer/higher up are larger, and they move faster).

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