Gravitate (Will_Wam Contest Final Entry)

by maxers
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Here's Gravitate, the pinnacle of all the work I've put in throughout the first four rounds of the contest! I hope you find this to be a fitting ending!

In this platformer, you will have to become adept at puzzle-solving and quick switches of mental perspective as you change the gravity. Many of the levels are intentionally designed to be ragey, but I can assure you that all of them are perfectly possible.

A quick note on the controls:
When you run and jump, you move relative to the direction of your gravity. For example, if your gravity is upwards, pressing right will move you left, and vice versa. If your gravity is to the right, pressing right will move you up the wall and pressing left will move you down it.

Notes and Credits

Huge thanks to @Will_Wam for creating the contest and giving me the motivation to actually finish this platformer, and for letting me go a week over the due date to finish it when I was super busy. I also want to give a shoutout to the other scratchers in the contest: many of them have entries just as good or better than mine! Without you guys, this contest wouldn't be the same. Thank you all!

Everything except for the music was created by me.
Music Credits:
Main menu music is "Mass Effect 3 Theme Remix 'Defend Earth'" remixed by the YouTube user "Plasma3Music Remixes." Originally from the game Mass Effect 3, owned by BioWare.
Prologue theme is "Super Metroid Music- Theme of Super Metroid (Orchestrated)" remixed by YouTube user "Merhawk102." Originally from the game Super Metroid, owned by Nintendo.
Main gameplay theme is "Portal 2 Remix - Reconstructing Science Remix (Futuristic Orchestra)" again remixed by "Plasma3Music Remixes." Originally from the game Portal, owned by Valve.
Boss theme is "Halo 4 Remix - Main Theme "To Galaxy" (Orchestra Version)" again by "Plasma3Music Remixes." Originally from the game Halo, owned by Bungie.

-Thursday 23 June 2016: Over 400 favorites and 500 loves. I'm really surprised by the amount of attention this has gotten!
-Wednesday 23 December 2015: Off What the Community's Loving.
-Saturday 19 December 2015: 200 loves! Thank you!
-Thursday 17 December 2015: 130 notifications, and when I checked, my project is in What the Community's Loving! This is the first time I've made it onto What the Community's Loving without being curated first, thanks so much everybody!
-Saturday 12 December 2015: Just checked the results project, and I got first place! Thanks again to @Will_Wam and everybody else who supported me throughout this contest! Also, congrats to everybody who was in the contest, thanks so much!
-Saturday, 12 December 2015: 37 notifications on Friday evening after one day of sharing, and another 70 or so today! Thanks everybody for giving me so much attention and feedback!

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