Orbital Shift v0.3

remixed by frazzz
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Notes and Credits (added by frazzz)

--------frazzz's notes---------

Yeah I did a bit more, i put it so it automaticly skips the intro...But if you wanna see the intro download it and set the very top variable to 0...

What I did:
- Added another (harder) battle and some more stuff...

--------frazzz's notes---------

What I did:

-Added some action to the game....
-Added auto save system, skipping what you've already seen/played
-Added a light in the dark hallway...
-Changed the background in the first room
-Made the dot on sprite 10 bigger....
-Added a health system(although you can't die yet.
-Changed a few fonts...
-Make it so you can walk backwards in the dark hallway...

-----FantasyTales' notes-------
ok dg members, i need the black and white aliens to look better as they are just concept art. he got off on floor twenty one and he needs to get to floor twenty three. therefore he needs to get to the stairwell. the stairwell will be blocked so he has to go down the hallway on floor 22 to reach the next stairwell. then he must get to the control room. go on, you can do it!

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