2D Flight Simulator

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*I'm not interested in updating this project any more, I might make another simulator again with more things than this though.

---1.0 DEMO---

This is a flight simulator that shows many of the needed controls to fly a real airplane. You can see how hard it is to fly a real airplane if you play this game, the controls are hard to remember too!

The left orange bar is the landing gear lever, you should keep it down during the landing and takeoff or something bad could happen to the plane!

The right orange bar is the throttle bar, it multiplies the engine efforts, the more green squares, the more it multiplies! (If only one is green, it will be multiplies by 0!!)

The engines put on the speed, takeoff should be with atleast 2 engines working! Click each one of the engines to toggle them on or off!

The red bar at the bottom is the brake, if it i on, everything in the plane will stop working. Put it off before takeoff and put it back on in landing to try whatever is posible to stop the plane!

Press and hold the "M" botton to show the meters (Only one at the moment). The facing metter shows in which direction is the plane facing.

Press down arrow to face up, Press up arrow to face down. When facing down, press down arrow twice to face up or once to face straight. When facing up, press up arrow twice to face down or once to face straight.

To takeoff, LEAVE THE LANDING GEAR DOWN, put on the throttle to 3/4 green squares, turn on 3/4 engines and at last, take off the brake. Pull up (Face up) so you dont explode when you reach the end of the airport street. Then face down so you dont keep going higher and higher. You can now put the landing gear up.

To land, PUT THE LANDING GEAR UP, put on the brakes to try not to reach the end of the airport street. Remember to face down so you dont brake in the middle of the air! DONT LAND IN THE GRASS, do not face down before needed. The landing is pretty hard, eh?

Thats it for the controls! Now try to takeoff (EASY) and then try to land (VERY HARD)!! Tell me in which try number you did it in the comments! Press Love It!!!


Add Scrolling to sides, another airport, and option to travel at night. Also add steering to sides. Add another metter (Side Facing)!!


Add two more airports, fuel metter and limit, and three metters (Fuel, Speed, and Height)!!! More terrains with obstacles!!!

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