Breadman Evolution v1.3.3

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Experiment with everything :)
I will update this if something is broken. I will not add more content.
Feel free to remix, love and share!
Re-writing the console
v1.3.3: When visiting farm, breadmans are spawned in random places all at once
v1.3.2: Fixed name typo
v1.3.1: Changed console shortcut
v1.3: 6 new farm types, new acheivements, buy cash for gems
v1.2: Console
v1.1: Buyable farms, 3 new farm types
v1.0: Re-written the game, this means:
- No gun
- Breadmans don't grow, they earn coins for existing
- No zombies
- New shop gui
- Music
- Menu
- New game name
- Fixed movement
- New farm background
- Changing farm name
- Gems
- Acheivements
v0.5: Buyable breadman limit
v0.4.1: Fixed gun range
v0.4: Gun can now pierce through breadmans
v0.3.2: Fixed every breadman is zombie
v0.3.1: Breadmans grow longer
v0.3: Gun, zombies
v0.2: Clicking on big breadman sells him for 10$ instead of 5$
v0.1.2: Fixed selling small breadmans
v0.1.1: Fixed duplicate bug
v0.1: Initial relase

Notes and Credits

Idea: Kriss7475
Art: Kriss7475
Upgrades: 7475Clan
Breadman ideas: Jagoda7475; Kriss7475
Scripts: Kriss7475

Shared: 23 Oct 2015 Modified: 19 Sep 2017
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