Wall Ball With Logo

remixed by maki
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Notes and Credits (added by maki)

I added and fixed a lot.

The variable in the corner shows the distance to the ball (even the Z distance!) using the Pythagorean property.

I edited the background, coin, ball, and logo using GIMP. It is the same set of letters (Nepali) repeated over and over using the Neon Glow logo setting with 4 bands.

ALSO, IMPORTANT: You can now visibly see a wall. I'm really too lazy to actually think up a trigonometric formula, but can somebody make it so that the ball bounces of either wall directly (or inversely as it may be) proportional to its X and Z positions. People who are good at incorporating trig/calculus stuff into Scratch, we're counting on you!

EDIT: Never mind, I guess you could just make it bounce exactly where the outer grey lines are and let dimensional perspective deal with the rest.

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