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This... *drumroll* is ScratchText, the most bug-free, awesome Scratch text engine there EVER WAS! *applause* You can use it in your projects and games, but make sure to give credit to Moo Productions (you could also say MP Utilities.)


Click the question mark below the text box to look at the help screen. You can leave it open while you're typing so you know how to do special punctuation.


Version 0.4 by Svyamana on 1/8/10:

Changed default letters to lowercase and added uppercase ability.

Version 0.3 by Randalpik on 1/2/10:

Added a cursor and a help screen. This took a while.

Version 0.2 by Randalpik on 1/1/10:

I have made it so that all the text goes into a variable. The only drawback to this is that it takes a while to backspace. I also made it "fancier" by putting everything in a top yellow bar, and when there's nothing there it says "type text here." One other thing-- the variables register in lowercase, so make sure to recognize that when using this utility.

Version 0.1.1 by Randalpik on 12/31/09:

Changed exclamation code and added hyphen code. I changed exclamation because it wasn't registering online.

Version 0.1 by Randalpik on 12/31/09:

Here's version 0.1. It contains basic text typing functions with screen limits.

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