Dollhouse collab AMV part 7

remixed by SkyleCrossi13
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(if I'm wrong correct me please ^^) So basically this is about being portrayed as this happy, loving family when its really broken and dysfunctional. There are these two twins (the lip synching cats) that are slightly mad, and they are always compared to each other. The mom favors the white one, and the dad favors the grayish one. They are angry about this. There's also some voodoo magic corrupting the family XD
Echo: skyleee you can add your ocs if you want :3
haha ok XD
ok so basically i added a new family member >X3 they have a brother AHHAHA XD its up to you to figure out the design XP oh and the mom's fur color is hinted at in a backdrop :3 NUUU BACKDROP SHADING THOUGH //shot// but hey a decent lip synch m' i right? X"D
Your lip-syncs are better than decent! ;) I was just going to animate shadows with moving mouths but I though I might as well push myself XD offacliff

Notes and Credits (added by SkyleCrossi13)

Echo_Productions is a lovely person UwU

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