Collapse (Pen)

by Noroz
See inside

Welcome to Collapse! This all pen rendered game is super unique and fun! Use the arrow keys to avoid the white dots moving at you. The circle continuously get smaller, and don't touch the edge of it! If you touch either the circle or the dots you will restart the level. After you avoid the dots and your circle gets small enough, you will go to the next level. The level is displayed by the number in the circle that pops up. For x level, there are x dots. For level one, one dot. Level two, two dots, and so on. See what level you can get to! Can you beat the highscore? Have fun!

Notes and Credits

100% Pen and 100% me, as always

Thank you for the top-love!

Note: You must be a "Scratcher" for the highscore to save. Also wait 5 seconds after you set the highscore to press anything so you can be sure it saves.

Sound from Scratch library.

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