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Click the green flag. Adjust the text speed slider to your preference. After that just wait for the astronaut to speak and if he asks a question then answer it by clicking either yes or no. Try and keep Clarke (the astronaut) alive as long as possible or get him off the Mars to win! Also keep in mind that you are NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) answering Clarke's questions.
Turbo mode: Works fine just makes the text go a little faster.
Full Screen: Makes the vector graphics look real bad! Not recommended.

Notes and Credits

FEATURED!!!!! 10/14/2015
Thanks so much to the scratch team for featuring this! <------ Check out my latest game!
Top Remixed! 11/5/2015
Programming: @jackbotic
Idea: @jackbotic but inspired by The Martian movie and book.
Graphics: @jackbotic
Font: Virgo 01 from
Credit to NASA because I used their name in the game.
Also credit to Stanley Kubrick and Arthur C. Clarke because I used parts of their names to make the astronauts name!
Note: I used parts of Stanley Kubrick's and Arthur C. Clarke's name because they both made 2001: A Space Odyssey my all time favorite book and one of my favorite movies.
Note: This uses my own text engine!
Please tell me in the comments if there are any glitches/bugs or anything else wrong with the game.
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