Scratch Monopoly

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Notes and Credits

Thank you all with giving me my first project that has more than one hundred views, I will make an better monopoly.


Support for up to 4 player local single computer

Added Game Graphics

Improved Game Function and Speed

Support for winning the Game or Losing

Money and Property Trading Support

With 250 views on the newer monopoly and continued fan support. My inspiration will be so great i will work hard.

Future Plan:

Version 0.3

Bug Fixes

Improved Coding, improves game experience
Improved graphical Effects

Version 0.4

Bug Fixes

Version 0.5

Graphical Tile Fixes

Image Improvements

Button Improvements

Version 1.0

Basic Menu Screen

Support for All Properties

Version 1.1

Menu Screen Additions

Move Speed and Roll Speed incorporated into Menu Screen

Version 1.2

Minor Bug Fixes

Version 1.3

Error Fixes

Version 2.0

Mesh Multiplayer 4 max

Stable Version!

Version 2.1

Improved Mesh System

Version 2.2

Mesh Bug Fixes

Version 2.5

Added Final Graphical Improvements

Added In-Game Menu Bar

Screen Buttons incorporated to Bar

Version 3.0

Game Chat System

Added more options to
In game bar and Menu Screen

Hopefully at Version 3.0 this game will be popular!

Monopoly Version 0.1(This Version)


KileyMeister noticed the game size error

Project was compressed so that it could be uploaded!

Whichever propertys you own will have your symbol on top of them to signify them as yours!

You can sell propertys!

Glitch: When dice clicked more than twice while
rolling, error occurs

When you are asked about selling trading or mortgaging propertys alway type in the first three letters of the first word/name of the property and the last word. The only exception is St. Charles Place and St. James Place, for those type St and the firs letter of the word connected to St. then the last word. When you need to do something to b and o Railroad just type Bo Railroad. note: Boardwalk is one word so type Boa

EX: Connecticut Avenue= Con Avenue
EX: North Carolina Avenue= Nor Avenue
Ex: St. James Place= StJ Place
Ex: B and O Railroad= BO Railroad

when you click on a chance/Community Chest card it will continue on with the game and execute what it reads otherwise it will just stay there.

Press space to see a map of you on the board

Press C to manage your properties and do other things such as using a get out of jail free card.

Inform me of any glitches

When asked a yes or no question, either type yes or no or you will be asked again.

house building does not follow Original monopoly

To use a get out of jail free card press g, and click on the card you want to use

When Buying Houses, Selling Houses, Mortgaging houses or trading houses you will not be able to return to the game until you have finished.

TO Buy, Sell, Trade, ETC. click on the button you want.

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