The Pokemon Race! Coming Soon!

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Which team are you guys rooting for?

The Bodybuilders: Machamp/Hariyama
The Twins: Plusle/Minun
The Cousins: Nidorino/Nidorina
The Florists: Bellossom/Sunflora
The Punks: Scrafty/Krookodile
The Skydivers: Braviary/Noivern
The Swimmers: Milotic/Vaporeon
The Shadows: Pancham/Zorua
The Squirts: Dedenne/Pichu
The Underdogs: Growlithe/Herdier
The Knights: Escavalier/Shelmet
The Dragonlings: Gible/Axew
The Mystics: Meowstic/Xatu
The Nurses: Chansey/Audino

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