Warrior Cats: Kit to Leader

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Play-time: About 10 to 60 minutes. (Depends on how long you survive)

Walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TKihqcoSuw

Use the arrow keys to move around and click cats to talk,
the black openings to travel, and press down and space in
front of the caves to hunt. Press t to talk.

-Click the little save box in the corner to get your loading
-If you spam the space-bar when fighting, your health
becomes a
lot lower, or negative. So press the space bar slowly.
-To hunt, press the down arrow at the hunting grounds
to crouch. Press space to pounce on prey.

-Click the prey pile to eat. Kits get unlimited prey.
-To pause the game, click the pause button at the top right
of your screen. To unpause, click it again.
-Click the music button to shut off the sounds. Click again
to turn
-When you hear crickets, click Cottonpaw (white).
-On the third quest, click Hollypelt (dark gray) and she will
tell you what to do.
-After becoming an apprentice, you better battle train with
Duskfall and Amberclaw a lot because who knows when
you're going to need to fight? (I do!)
-Click the HighLedge when you are a leader to stand on it.
Click it to get on and move to get off.
-You can catch butterflies by touching them. They spawn
in front of the leader's den where Dusk-paw/fall and
Amberclaw is.
-When it is night, click your nest in you den to sleep.
-After becoming a leader, Moss-shadow or Duskfall become
available as mates.
-After Breezepaw becomes a warrior, her mother now
becomes an elder and tells why Bramblestar refused to
rank her up
-You can make Dustpaw and Cottonpaw warriors when
you are a leader. Just click Dustpaw.
-You will see a prophecy when you first sleep as a leader.
Then you are able to go to FireClan.
-Become Nightpaw's mentor by clicking her when you are
a warrior or leader. Do not click her after.
-Wait 4 seconds to see the credits after you die.
-Jump with the UP arrow key
-Click Sparrowtail after you defeat Firestar.
-Some cats YOU must ask to become mates and that
costs Paw Points. Sometimes they will say no, but you
can try again.
-If you're planning to go to the fair and want to bring certain characters, save up on Paw Points and ask them to come
with you when Sunfall tells you to visit the clan one last time.

You need to help Dustpaw and kill that cricket by clicking
it. Click Hollypelt (dark gray cat in warriors' den) and listen
to her assignments.

Anytime after you become a warrior, click Milkywillow and
her quest for a new den. Then you need to click all 5 gems
hidden around the place then go in the first cave and click the
stone wall with the gems. After that, find and click Moss-shadow. Then, enter that cave with the gems, click the cave inside, and receive your
lives in the new cave. Sleep to receive a prophecy.

*Play moss ball with Hollypelt and Darkclaw by clicking and
holding the moss ball with your mouse. Aim with your mouse
and release to throw.
*Talk to Sunfall (the rogue on the border) to go to the fair.
*Buy pets from Webbedfoot who is a white and black elder for
Paw Points.
*You are able to sit and stare off into the distance (across the
river) by pressing the up arrow. Also able at the Fair End
and the Tent areas.
*Eat at the fair by clicking the empty trash can to add luck
(helps if you're starving, but it costs a ticket each). Walk to
a different place and back until you see food in it. Click the
trash. If you have enough luck, your hunger will go to 10.
*Click he butterfly at the top of the screen to see how many
of each type of butterfly you've caught. You also get to see the butterflies everyone else caught as a whole!

>If there are any layering problems, please tell me
>If there are any loading problems, please tell me. You may
to load your code a second time because the system may not
read it correctly the first time.

Notes and Credits

- Elder option ( @sarabear307)
- Other cats hunting ( @Ashtail9)
- Kittypet option ( @catsrule13)
- Fix loading

>Fixed title (again)

>Fixed Gorsefur's kit glitching.
>Fixed sleeping.
>You can sleep at sunset.
>Modernized Hunger Warning variable layering.
>Made fresh-kill go up slower.
>Made dead sister fade away slower.
>Fixed fox trap fight.
>Fixed random saying of "Yes, I do."
>ThunderClan arrow disappears after you visit.
>You lose lives when you're killed.
>Moved "freaked" Breezesong's position.
>Fixed Breezestar's animation.
>Added medicine cat rank.
>Fixed negative herbs

Any suggestions? Ask in the comments.

Version 1: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/117036831/
Version 2: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/124756611/
Version 3: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/137109907/
FireClan Warrior: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/117395736/
Severance: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/148398500/

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