Jump+ v2.0

See inside

- Move left and right using the arrow keys or a and d.
- To jump, use the up arrow, w or space.
- To complete a level, you must collect 15 stars.

- Grey platforms only move downwards.
- Blue platforms are weak and shatter.
- Red platforms move horizontally.

- Don't touch the bottom of the screen. :)

Notes and Credits

▶️ Completely written code, massive internal changes
▶️ No more bugs and glitches! :D
▶️ FPS independent - it will run at the same speed in turbo :)
▶️ Redrawn graphics and menu screen
▶️ The much requested golden starting platform :D
▶️ Much better performance
▶️ Updated platformer engine
▶️ Basic graphics setting in options menu for even better performance
▶️ Arrow that indicates character position when off screen
▶️ More useful and easy to update help menu

This is a platformer game inspired by Doodle Jump by Lima Sky. The style of the background theme was also based off 'Dodging Squares' by @fredmaster45 and the music is by David Larsen.

All graphics made by me :)

Play the original game here:

Thanks for reading! :D

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