Super Mario Bros. v1.2

by _Pi
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After finishing my platforming engine for beginners I wanted to show what it can do. So I decided to make a little Mario clone... I am far from finishing it and probably won't finish it but I think the engine works great!

I removed the wall jumping due to this Mario never had wall jumping.

Arrow Keys!

Notes and Credits

Known bugs:
- Die due to Goombas as big Mario.

Adding soon:
Collectible Coins

Engine: _Pi
Art: Nintendo
Music Nintendo "Super Mario Bros. Original Theme by Nintendo"

Disclaimer: This project is not afflicted with Nintendo, this is just a fan-made test. I do not intend to cause any issues that may occur.

Version 0.1
Version 0.2
Fixed costume animation bug.
Version 0.3
Added music
Added jump sound
Changed Project Name
Version 0.4
Added scrolling
Added collision detection for ground pipes and non interactive blocks
Added small Mario
Added jump frame for small Mario
Made costume managing better.
Version 0.5
Added Goomba's
Fixed clipbox
Added win
Added kill Gumba sound
Added coins
Added flag sprite
Version 0.6
Added question mark boxes
Made Mario think question mark boxes are part of the ground.
Made Goombas work better.
Version 0.7
Added coin Physics
Added Mushroom's to access big mario.
Version 0.8
Performance Enhanced.
Added brick hit-box.
Made you always have the same hitbox as small mario. (Bug Fix)
Fixed Mushrooms from glitching out.
Made Goombas work a little better, still not great.
Version 0.9
Bug fixes
Version 1.0 [Alpha]
Fixed most bugs. Ready for adding more features!
Version 1.1
More bug fixes.
Version 1.2
Added overlay
Added Time
Added number display
Added score variable

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