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Notes and Credits (added by maxsteele2)

(this is a remix or Archmage's project and I take no credit except for the Soinic pic)

My Game Drawing program will let you create games with ease! You can share you creation with a nearby friend or just amuse yourself!

To turn controls off and on click the text that is the control you want to use. All non-variable texts are clickable.

Key button controls:

up arrow: jump

left arrow: left

right arrow: right

Variable meanings:

lives: Your lives

runspd: How fast your character can move left or right

fallspd: The speed at which you fall

jumppwr: How high you can jump

Tool discription:

Platform Pen: This will enable you to draw platforms that you can stand on.

Wall Pen: Creates a wall that cannot be passed by moving left or right.

Deathtrap Pen: Creates purple lines that will decrease you character's health and reset his position.

Goal Pen: Creates a yellow line which you must touch in order to win.

Eraser: erases mistakes.

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