The warrior cats game! (finished)

remixed by Emberclaw
See inside

press i for in game instructions!!!!!!!! ((some things may be glitchy as new (hahahah how new is it now ((not very)) ) scratch website etc ))

navigate by the pressing numbers 0 to 9
use arrow keys

in the sandy area, press q, w or e (((essential to story that u do this ;) ))
((again, for the plot, try and remember the sequences to fight))

Notes and Credits (added by Emberclaw)

PLEASE DOWNLOAD!! It barely works otherwise! press i for instructions. INSTRUCTIONS ARE IN GAME PRESS I i I i press the i key for info and what to do. sorry u cant do anything at bob road

"We removed this project because it appears to be an exact copy of someone else's original, or doesn't give enough credit for other's contributions. " - ok well thanks emberclaw (me) for the original :) very helpful. things i changed: i made a story, added some stuff, idk, added more levels, i made this a good 5 years ago do you expect me to remember? :)

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