Steam-powered platforms (platformer game)

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A platformer game with a Steampunk theme (kinda I guess). Hope you like this, I've been working on it since July-ish and am really happy to finally be able to share it!
Featured 25 October 2015, thank you so much @lynxkitten101 , @bubble103 and @supercooljulia for suggesting it to be featured and Scratch Team for featuring it! (now I'm being bombarded with messages)
Instructions in the first level, just click the green flag, move mouse to scroll around, and then click play!
If it lags you could try , though be aware that Phosphorus messes up some of the graphics :(
All programming is by me, though I did manage to understand some of @griffpatch 's (it was well commented) and learnt of a few things I used in here, such as game loops and a good way to use clones to display the tiles that appear onscreen. Art is also mine, which is a mixture of bitmap and vector graphics. I used the iPad app ibisPaint X for the bitmap stuff and Scratch editor for vector lineart. Music is Steam Mechanics, which I didn't make -
I wanted to make this platformer as I've seen a lot of platformers on Scratch that are pretty similar to each other: a few levels where you just get to the right side of the stage with some text in each one. They're nice, but I wanted something a bit different, so I made this. Although there is no original twist such as you can't see where you're going or the controls are reversed, it has things most platformers don't have such as collectibles which unlock a bonus level and is a scroller. Steampunk is sadly almost nonexistent on Scratch, and it's such an interesting thing, so I decided to give this game a bit of a Steampunk theme.
23/10/15: Shared! (why does it say it's shared on the 27th of September?)
24/10/15: Added info about the pause button in the in-game tutorial, and edited the savecodes a bit so that how many keys you've collected is also stored. (if you played this before the change the savecode won't work, sorry)
25/10/15: FEATURED! I also added WASD support for controls.
4/11/15: Changed wording of one bit of the tutorial a tiny bit.

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