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1. Click the green flag
2. Enjoy the hilarity that ensues.

asdfmovie9 was written by TomSka. Watch the original version here:

First, to make the video more Scratch-friendly, I edited the downloaded YouTube video with the Openshot video editor. Then I exported the video to a sequence of PNG images, which I then converted to JPEG with the mogrify command in ImageMagick and optimized with the JPEGOptim program.

Using Kurt, a Python API for interacting with Scratch projects, I added all 2,415 images to a Scratch project.

After that, I added some scripts to make it animate, and uploaded the project to this website to make what you see right now. An absolute-time based animation method was necessary to compensate for the fact that not all computers run at the same speed.

It's amazing that you have actually made this far reading this. Have some animated gifs!

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