One Night at Gummy Bear

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Avoid the Gummy Bear until 6 PM!

Here is how you play, flash your light if you hear the light ambience. Keep it on until the gummy bear is out. Press the orange click button to put on the mask. If he gets into your office, put on the mask. You have 1.1 seconds to put on the mask before he jumpscares you. Press the blue click button to use the camera. Use the camera to see if the gummy bear has left the stage yet and to make him less active. But be careful, there is power that drains at an alarming rate! Both the flashlight and the camera drains it, but the camera uses it a lot more. So do not use too much or its game over for you!

Notes and Credits (added by Weirdgames123)

As of October 3, 2016, This game will not receive anymore updates.

This game is based off of my unfinished game, Five Nights at Line.
This game is possible and it was tested many times.


9/14/15 1.1 Minor changes to gummy bear's A.I. , minor bug fixed and made start button bigger so its easier to press.

9/15/15 1.2 Minor bugs fixed and minor changes.

9/16/15 1.3 Graphics enhanced, changes in Gummy's A.I. and version of game is shown at the bottom of the screen.

9/17/15 2.0 Graphics even more enhanced, major changes to gummy bears A.I., a minor change, added an easter egg and fixed a bug that came with 1.3.

9/18/15 2.1 Fixed all the bugs I can find, support for gamejolt and minor changes were made.

9/19/15 2.2 Fixed a very major bug that came with 2.1 and one small change.

9/20/15 2.2.1 Bugs fixed

9/21/15 2.3 Made the power go down slower.

9/30/15 2.4 Its a lot more easy to tell if the gummy bear is in the hall lights and extended put on mask time for when he is in your office.

10/5/15 2.4.1 One very minor bug fix.

11/13/15 2.5 Fixed bugs, what's new section in game, dropped support for game jolt, this will return later.

11/14/15 2.5.1 Removed some unnecessary code, What's New section is removed, fixed a bug and returned support for gamejolt!

1/8/16 2.5.2 There is variations in the menu music.

1/12/16 2.5.3 Removed one menu song and fixed a minor bug with the easter egg.

3/11/16 2.6 Fixed a minor bug, added a death screen, added a sound when you click buttons while the power is out and there is no longer more than one song on the menu.

3/13/16 3.0
-Improved graphics
-fixed bugs
-changed menu music
-changes to the easter egg
-changed start night sound
-changes to the mask
-nights are faster
-Gummy Bear's noise is quieter
-it brings you to the menu after the death screen is done showing.

3/14/16 3.0.1
-Fixed various bugs with the restart night feature
-Made the Gummy Bear more active
-Made the easter egg less rare.

3/15/16 3.0.2
-Fixed a bug with the light sound playing in the death screen.
-Fixed a bug with the light sound playing when you run out of power.
-Changes to the Gummy Bear in the main menu.

3/22/16 3.0.3
-Made the gummy bear noise even quieter
-Fixed that if you run out of power while the gummy bear is in your office, you can still put on the mask and pull up the camera.
-Fixed light noise playing when you run out of power while the gummy bear is in your lights.

4/20/16 3.1
-You can tap/click the hallway to activate flashlight (this makes the game playable on mobile devices)
-Fixed the flashlight and camera bug
-Fixed the gummy bear showing up while the 6 am animation is showing
-minor graphic improvements

4/23/16 3.1.1
-Fixed a bug with the camera animation appearing when you open the camera and run out of power
-Fixed another bug with the camera not opening and closing smoothly when you press the camera button repeatedly

4/26/16 3.2
-Removed unnecessary sprites
-Returned Gummy Bear song when mask is on
-Made Gummy Bear in hall light noise quieter
-Gummy Bear is harder to spot with hall lights off
-Tapping the hall light is less sensitive
-Changes to the easter egg

4/27/16 3.2.1
-Made the easter egg a lot more rare
-Removed tap for flashlight due to it being buggy, this may or may not return

4/30/16 3.2.2
-Made Gummy Bear in hall light noise 40% louder
-Fixed a bug when you can shine the flashlight while you run out of power

5/9/16 3.2.3
-When the Gummy Bear is in your office, once you put on your mask you can't take it off until the Gummy Bear is out.
-Fixed hall light noise playing and the clock showing in the 6 am animation.

5/11/16 3.2.4
-Due to many requests, time to put on mask when the Gummy Bear is in your office is extended by 0.5 seconds
-Made the easter egg a little bit more rare

5/13/16 3.2.4 (2)
-Time to put on mask is decreased to 1.2

7/11/16 3.2.5
-The camera closing animation plays instead of flickering off when the camera is open while you lose all your power
-Fixed a bug with the easter egg
-Made the easter egg a little bit more rare

9/20/16 3.2.6
-Changed the design of the main menu
-Cropped the Gummy Bear on the main menu even more
-Re-added support for mobile devices for Scratch 3.0
-Darker office texture

9/22/16 3.3
-The Gummy Bear is harder
-You can use the camera to make him less active
-As a result, the camera will use more power
-Changed the start night animation and slightly changed the click sound
-Cropped various Gummy Bear costumes that shows through out gameplay better
-The hall is brighter when the light is on

10/3/16 3.3.1
-Reduced the number of scripts, sounds and costumes
-The camera's power usage is reverted back
-The camera has less effect on the Gummy Bear
-Fixed a bug with the camera's ability to make the Gummy Bear less active

Also, play this game on gamejolt.

Credit to all the people I used from

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