Scrolling Platformer Engine

See inside

Arrow keys or WASD. Click to edit level.
Press space to toggle mouse scrolling.
Find the (Obvious) Easter egg. (It's in the "game", not the programming)

Features tile collision, slopes, smooth scrolling, and level editing.

Notes and Credits

Complete permission to remix with credit. ;)
Tell me if you need any help with further level editing.

Updates log:
9/26/15: More bug fixes with the slopes! By this time I can't imagine what they were like before all these updates. :/ WASD control!

9/25/15: First attempt at crouches are done.

9/24/15: Slight modification to the slope detection. The last update allowed me to now take away a "special case" in the slope collision.

9/23/15: Fixed level editing. Yes! :D Also more progress on the slopes! Added mouse scrolling and and a larger default map! 111 views!

9/22/15: Fixed an annoying glitch with the slopes! No more stickiness! Also mostly incorporated into one custom block! (I'll keep working on REALLY doing that though) Broke level editing. :(

9/11/15: Added in slopes! Still a few bugs with them, but they mostly work. Also added in smoother scrolling! And some level editing! :D

9/10/15: Re-released with more accurate name. Bug fixes. No more falling through the floor! Yay! Also, background is no longer one fame behind the player.

9/9/15: Released.

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