The Lazer Collection 5

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Well, here it is! The REAL Lazer Collection 5. Enjoy...

It's pretty dang good...considering I love the Lazer Collection COMPLETELY!!!!!!! :D Yeah, anyways, enjoy...more to come in the future...I worked really hard on this, so you better like it...or else. *charges lazer lolz*

Credits to Olivia~the~Dark on for the Beatles scary movie picture!! I know she wouldn't want it pooped up with the lazer I apologize to her in advance. Credits to Emeraldwaterlilly for the silly picture of Ringo duct taped to a chair (0.0).

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Beatles, their music, the Lazer, Dr. Octagonapus, or any other characters conveyed in this movie. Copyrights to their respective owners. Oh yeah, and any artists of the pictures I used that I've to those artists because I'm really bad at names.

Oh yeah, if you haven't watched The Lazer Collection, follow this link: and then you will understand the meme. (Copy and paste into the URL.) Special thanks to DominicFear for the idea, and my friends, and the people on DeviantART, and every single Beatles fan that ever lived!!! Without you this would not be possible. Seriously.

Lazers fired in this order: Dr. Octagonapus (Dr. Octascratchapus); John Lennon; Paul McCartney; Starazia; George Harrison; Ringo Starr; starazia66.

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