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IN the previous version, it was definately good, but there were to main, somewhat minor glitches. One of course, was the sensing, which was a bit off. This is been fixed. Also, if you turned the block below Mario to sky, than it would not show the falling animation. This has been fixed.

Next I will be adding Level codes :)


The odds are that you say my 1-script 1-sprite level creator on the front page. Well with my recent array-based projects interest, I decided to step it up a level, and make a Mario Level Game Player.

In this project, once it loads, you can move around the level, standing, jumping, and walking, whiel customizing one screen of a mario level with 5 different types of blocks, most of the kind that are from the original game. The sky, the bricks, the ground, the tile, and the question block.

For the most part, the animation is correct. I was having trouble making it so the falling animation doesn't repeat itself, but I got it down. As far as sensing, its mostly good, but not perfect. If anybody could fix it well, it would be gladly appreciated.


Coming soon....

1-script 1-sprite Pathfinder
Currently it is 1-script 1-sprite, but I still have to finish it, and with the current lag, I might have to make it 1 or 2 sprite, or most likely a couple of scripts. (3-4 maybe)

Mario Level Creator Scrolling Version
If I can get it done, there might be 5 screens of levels, and it will scroll. This would require each section of the 165 tiles to be a sprite, so it would take a while to duplicate and change each script by a tiny part, which is what I worry that is lengthy. This may or not be doable.

Mario Level Creator w/ Level codes (scrolling or no scrolling)
Whether I get it to scroll or not, I have an idea of how the level codes will work. I actually have a comment on the stamper sprite on this project that says how I will do it, so download :). Although you won't be able to copy and paste it out, but of course that's just scratch's limitations.

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