Trillion Plates

remixed by aellsworth
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This project has 100 or more clones on screen sometimes, so if you find it laggy or glitchy, turn off the music (press m) and start in turbo mode (shift + click on green flag). If that is still laggy, press 't' to put it in test mode, which shortens the waits and skips many of the animations.
I've now made a video version of this project which you can watch here:

Update July 8, 2017: many people have commented that the using countries is a bit confusing so I've changed them to continents, which seems closer to what is intended.
Update July 6, 2017: So excited to be featured! Several cool scratchers have made comments worth incorporating into the project, so I've added a few slides at the end for them @241174, @dodekagonia, and @fireydeath4

How Big is One Trillion? Dive in and find out!
Use right arrow key or 'd' to move forward and left arrow key or 'a' to move back. Going backwards doesn't work on every page, so it may make a mess. 'm' toggles the music on and off.
I hope you learn a little and have some fun!
Please share with all the math teachers and math students you know.
The 't' key toggles the program in and out of test mode. Test mode is for debugging, and it shows the page number, internal plate count, speeds up all the glides, skips the animations, and if you touch a clone with the mouse it will tell you its ID number, which is useful for singling out certain sprites such as Table 90 - The Straggler.
I thought about removing the Test Mode coding, but I decided that remixers would probably find it helpful, if anybody wants to remix, and I'll probably continue to make modifications. I know I couldn't have finished the project without it.
The 'j', 'h', 'w', and 'space', keys make a few more things wiggle. Try them out as a surprise.

Notes and Credits (added by aellsworth)

I also need to thank @owlcatgirl12 and her studio
-Less than Ten Loves-. She was one of the first to take a look at my project and she is building an awesome group helping and supporting other scratchers reach a wider audience. Awesome!

Thank you everyone for all the Faves and Loves! Since this got featured I can't say thank you personally to everyone, but I'm so glad you watched and enjoyed it! May it make your math and science classes a little easier and more fun!
How to Make Play-Dough by @Cyne - was my starting point because it is an educational slideshow. Very little of the original project is left, but without seeing that project put together I never would have thought about putting this together.

@shadowspear1 and his 'AIA Tower Defense' - for the numerical money and health display, but I needed commas in my display so I recoded the digits completely, and figured out how to make them work as clones, to simplify the program.

@The_Grits - for showing me how to make a sprite talk when touched with the mouse in his project Scratch Day Challenge Result!
The Custom Block Madness! Studio and @SDS-Updates for helping me understand custom blocks

Thanks to @Kenichi10B for:
Clone Management (Keeping Positions) (Original Project) for showing an excellent way to keep track of clones. Page 56 has 200 clones on it, so yeah, managing them is pretty important.

Music is 'Dumb Song' by Jon Schmidt and The Piano Guys for the city, country, and world graphics
Gimp - for being a free raster image editor I used. Gives Photoshop a run for its money and did I mention, free?
Inkscape - for being a free vector image editor I used. Gives Illustrator a run for its money and again, did I mention, free?
Mrs. Pat Loucks - my High School CS teacher for giving me a lifelong love of coding.
Mesa Code Club for introducing my family to Scratch!
Most Importantly, this project came to me in a flash of insight that I have learned to recognize as inspiration from a higher source, one that keeps urging me onward to get this story in public, so here it is!

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