Dungeon Scratcher 2 ( WiP 2016-07-25)

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----------------- YOU MUST USE FULL SCREEN------------
- Use ARROW KEYS to move (press fast to turn, hold to walk)
- Space to attack, open doors and read signs
- C to open inventory
- Hold items over eye in invetory to examine it
- Drop food onto mouth in inventory to eat

Please post any bugs! Good contributions will be mentioned in game description!

After u pick up a weapon you have to press C and put it in your hand!

Tip for fighting. Lure monster out into a open room. Walk to a square diagonal of monster. Wait until monster walks up beside you. Turn towards it, hit it and then move away before it attacks you.

Notes and Credits

Player sprite by Johannes Sjölund
(aka "wulax" Im amazed by this work!!)
Start Screen from Amiga game Dungeon Master
Dungeon tiles and items from RPGMAKER
Doors from Pixel Dungeon.

Press U to enter EDIT MODE
- A to place tiles
- S to place monsters
- D to place items
- F to place traps
- Arrow keys left and right to change between tiles and monsters
- Space to list all items and tiles
- C to clear all monsters/tiles/items (depending on what you are editing)
- Restart game when done edit
- Remix to save with your own levels!

CHANGE LOG (changes from version 0.77)

- A new level, with some puzzles to solve :)
- 6 new armor types.8 new types of skeleton.
- 1 key less to remember, since attacking, opening doors, reading signs is now 1 key (space).
- Pitfalls! If you fall in you fall down to the level beneath in the dungeon.If a monster falls down it dies.
Pressure plates! Several different types of pressure plates, spawning items, monsters or changing tiles. Monsters will also trigger pressure paltes, but not if they are flying.
- Monsters wearing armor will reduce your damage. If armor blocks your hit entierly you will hear a *clank*
- Teleporters! All dungeons needs some!
- New shield potion, with a nifty effect!

Beta 1
- All new graphics
- Destructable barrels
- Switches
- A lot of props to make the dungeon look good
- A lot of changes to the level editor
- Monsters can drop loot

Version 0.92
- New monster: Skeleton warrior!
- When you die, you fall down
- Many performance fixes

Version 0.91
- New options menu!
- It is now possible to customize the keys used in the game through the options menu! (doenst look very nice yet! :)
- Inventory now displays level and exp.

Version 0.9
- New main player sprite!!! If you put on equipment you can see the equipment you put on, on the player sprite! Allways wanted to do that :)

Version 0.88
- New start screen

Version 0.87
- New controls again! Two modes implementet. Basic and advanced. No way to set variable yet since I havent made the menu.
- New item signs. In the level editor you will be asked to input the sign message
- It is now impossible to walk onto monsters! If you try you will only turn and face the monster.

Version 0.86
- New item chain mail
- New code to enumerate total defence
- New controls again! press arrow key short to turn, hold to walk.
- Variable to choose between basic and advanced controls
- Fixed several bugs (e.g walk through walls on level 2)

Version 0.85
- You can now gain EXP
- The number of EXP earned shows after each fight
- You can now gain Level!
- Armors now work! Defence is substracted from damage!
- Defence, HP, and damage is shown while displaying inventory!

Version 0.83
- New item bread
- New item types potion
- New item Minor healing potion
- New sounds (walking, eating, drinking, pick up stuff)
- You can now die!
- If you starve you will loose hp and eventually die!
- More content for level 2

Version 0.82
- Changed name of game
- Inventory has a food bar to show how hungry you are
- Food works! (Tough too little food does not harm you yet)
- New controls! See project description
- Monsters move more slowly. So its possible to circle and stab.
- New sounds!

Version 0.8
- Major changes!
-New tile gaphics.
- New controls.
- It is now possible to go down stairs!....and up again!
- You can now open and close doors using D key.

Version 0.77.
- Player now has HP and damage to player is displayed above player.
- Monster clones now handle both hit to player and hit to self.
- New clone based text engine to display damage. Can handle multiple instanses of text on different locations simultaniously.

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