Flight Simulator 3D v2.8

by WO997
See inside
Notes and Credits

S/X - throttle || arrows - roll/pitch || A/D - yaw || C - inside view
space - decrease speed || R - missile || W - show/hide wheels
slide to rotate camera (only outside the plane)

Note: 2nd airstrip is far forward, use minimap (these white dots on the bottom of screen) and land if possible

Thumbnail created by @Tildo
Thanks to @sticku for introduction to the matrix rotation.

v2.8 - 25th May - more realistic physics, runway filled in.
v2.7 - 6th May - plane under water becomes blue, small bug fixed
v2.6 - 18th April - ...RIVER!!! :D see it on right side from the plane
v2.5 - 13th December - Wings also collides with mountains, improved physics
v2.4 - 11th December - FILLED MOUNTAINS! Also a little improved control and changed vector graphics so now it looks well on phosporus too.
v2.3 - 19th October - different hill heights, rocket can break rocks
v2.2 - 25th September - better looking and working rocket, hud in place is rotating (inside view)
v2.1 - 24th September - contrasting plane color, transparent windows in plane, repaired glitches (physics, shadows) - as many as I saw, tell me if I missed any of tchem, head moving inside plane
v2.0 - 20th September - "glitching?" inside view, press 'C' - note: this update took me more than the rest of this project :O
v1.9 - 7th September - new physics - gliding / rudder
v1.8 - 6th September - missile - R to fire, some glitches repaired
v1.7 - 5th September - space helps slow down, another airstrip, upgraded fire (with sorting), simple minimap
v1.6 - 5th September - improved physics and crashing system, simple fire, again small bug repaired with culling
v1.5 - 4th September - wheels (press W), culling for plane added, for hills repaired, air density gets lower when going higher
v1.4 - 3rd September - physics on rocks improved, repeatable world generator, face culling
v1.3 - 2nd September - rudder control, upgraded physics, graphics
v1.2 - 1st September - moveable wings, possible to roll-over
v1.1 - 31st August - release version, plane with physics and shadow, hills, sun, fog effect
v0.8 - https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/22322639/

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