Droid Army 1.6

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When you use the force or you jump you use up one force point (as shown in lower left corner). When you are hit (unless you are blocking) you will lose one health point (HP is next to light saber). Light saber only effects droids if blade is actually TOUCHING enemy. To block you need to hold the down key. To move use left and right arrow keys, to use the force press "B" on and your space bar does a basic light saber slash. Up arrow key jumps. Battle Droids have one life each, Super Battle Droids each have two, the Wheel Droid has three and you have ten (as seen next to the light saber).

Notes and Credits

latst version: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/Axeblade/80488
Just an early version of a game that I am working on. I have two Battle Droids, two Super Battle Droids and one Droidika. But the completed version will have Assult Droids and General Grevious himself. New feature: I now have Music! click on the note with the red slash over it to play "Duel of the fates" from The Phantom menace.

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