Dance With Me, You P.Y.T.

See inside

lil' dance animation... feel free to dance along
P.Y.T. means pretty young thing (in case ya didn't know)

It was Michael Jackson's birthday!! and I've decided to make this
his gift! (8/29/15)

::::UPDATE:::: I decided to fix up the thumbnail (title screen) :3

Notes and Credits

music: P.Y.T. by Michael Jackson
professional? nah. not yet at least

Whats that? you don't like something about this project? if you
don't have anything nice to say, don't say it.

Advice or suggestions are acceptable

Also, I've heard this was sent through email by Scratch. (a shoutout?) because all of a sudden I'm getting more messages than I usually do, so thank you so much for giving recognition to this project especially since its for Michael ♥ (3/19/16)

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