Sky City (v1.2)

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In this spiritual successor to 'Cloud City' you are tasked with building a city from the ground up in a vibrant world filled with floating cities created by other players.

> Click the save icon in the top left to save your city (don't forget to do this! Also wait a bit before exiting to make sure cloud updates!)
> Use the magnifying glass to search for other users.
> To build, click the hammer icon in the top left which shows the buildings available to you, cycle through them with the arrows.
> To remove buildings, place grass on top of them, the number you see when doing this is how much it costs to remove that item.
> Use M to toggle music.

You can also use the command "/random" to search for a random user :)

Notes and Credits

*cloud data is broken and can not be fixed due to a saving bug!*

Make sure to love and fav if you like the game! :D

> @Ante22 's Cloud engine!
> Cloud City:
> BFXR for sound effects. (
> Music by kegogrog @


27/09/2015 - The game now waits for you to connect to the cloud (timing out after 10 seconds if you cant), hopefully reducing any instances where the game says you aren't connected when you should be. Working on new buildings now!

16/09/2015 - Added the "/next" and "/prev" commands to search, so you can cycle through users a bit easier. Also added a user number in the top right when you hover over some-ones name! And deleted some unused data for some extra speed.

15/09/2015 - v1.1 - 2 New buildings added! Removed users with default cities to reduce cloud usage, ill do this periodically to increase speeds for others. Added some turbo detection so you can't cheat :). Adjusted some prices.

15/09/2015 - v1.0 - released.

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